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Lend Cash Review: Is Lending Cash For You?

For those of you that are looking to get a quick cash loan without all the hassles that come along with going through the normal channels, you may want to consider going through Lend Cash. There is a special feature that lending Cash offers its clients, and that is a high loan approval rate. In fact, the company boasts a 99% approval rate when it comes to its cash loans.

Lend Cash works in the same way as many of the payday cash advance stores that you have probably used in the past. You are going to need to find the right lender so that you can borrow the amount that you need. As with most other short-term loans, you will need to meet certain criteria in order to borrow cash from Lend Cash. The basic requirements to borrow from Lend Cash include:

First, you will need to own a home and be at least eighteen years old. Lend Cash will not lend cash to any one under eighteen years old. Another requirement that lending Cash attaches to its short-term loans is that you have been employed full-time in a job that pays at least one thousand dollars a month. If you have been employed at a company for at least ninety days, you will qualify for the cash advance.

Another requirement that lending Cash attaches to its short-term loans is that you have a checking account in your name. If you do not, you can still get a cash advance but you will not qualify for the interest rates that lending Cash offers. Also, you should remember that these loans are only available in the state of Washington. However, if you live in another state, such as Oregon, you can still apply for a short term loan. As with most payday cash advance stores, the interest rate that lending Cash attaches to its loans is one hundred percent.

In addition to the advantages that lending Cash has to offer, they also offer free no fax payday loans. These cash loans are perfect for those who need emergency cash needs because they do not require a check or faxing of documents before receiving a loan. Lend Cash will send you a check in a few days. However, you may opt to have the loan send your paycheck in the form of an electronic transaction. This way, you will be able to avoid spending time on processing checks.

The online availability of Lend Cash makes it possible for even those with a bad credit rating to receive a loan. However, if you find that the interest rate that lending Cash charges is too high, you may want to consider another lender. To be sure about the interest rates that lending Cash offers, you will need to fill out their loan application in detail. Once you fill out the loan application, you will be contacted by a loan officer.

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